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Batteries At Home

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Tired of running out of battery power unexpectedly? Enter "Batteries At Home," the must-have app that gives you a heads-up before you run out of power!

Key Features:

Device Inventory Made Easy: Effortlessly create your device inventory. Manage your battery-powered gadgets on one device, and watch as the changes seamlessly reflect across all your connected iCloud devices.

Custom Battery Types: Tailor "Batteries At Home" to fit your unique needs by adding custom battery types. Whether it's a rare coin cell or a standard alkaline battery, you have the power to define the batteries that keep your devices running.

Home Screen Widgets for Quick Glance: The home screen widgets displays the next devices that need attention, ensuring you're always aware of what's on the horizon. Stay organized and keep your devices running smoothly with just a glance at your phone.

Sustainable Living, One Battery at a Time: Reduce environmental impact by making informed decisions about battery replacement. "Batteries At Home" helps you use resources wisely and efficiently, promoting a greener lifestyle.

Usage Analytics Anytime, Anywhere: Access insightful battery usage analytics. Track patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the efficiency of your battery-powered devices.

Empower Your Battery Experience: Download "Batteries At Home" now and experience the convenience of iCloud sync. Stay in control of your devices, reduce waste, and enjoy a smarter, more sustainable approach to battery management.

Free User: As a free user, you can use all app features, but you are restricted to 3 devices.

POWER USER: As POWER USER you can have more than 3 devices on your list!

Available on the App Store